Information for parents

What will my child be doing?

What will my child be doing?

We provide a Reggio-inspired programme which mixes free play with teacher-led learning.

Children learn through play, and so the majority of the time our children play at activities which interest them, supported by our teachers. We have a wide range of activities available for them, including drawing and painting, puzzles and matching games, construction sets and block play, dress-ups, the sand pit and our playground.  Teachers supervise and take advantage of the "teachable moments', when they get actively involved to expand children's knowledge and excitement about a topic that's caught their interest.  We believe that children should have a wide range of resources to choose from, so when you visit us, you will see lots of things to play and build with within their reach, so that they can explore them at will.

Before our meal breaks, we have mat time.  Mat time is another group time which allows children to practice sitting on the mat (just like the big kids at school!) to hear stories, sing songs and jump and dance together.  On Tuesday mornings a group of teachers and children will go for a Park Walk to Phyllis Reserve and Oakley Creek.  This is where we get to put our Forest Kindergarten ideas into practice, as children explore the natural environment and bring back items that interest them - anything from bugs to leaves.

Our three and four year olds can also participate in learning groups. These are teacher-led activities which take place in the early afternoon while the younger children are asleep.  Learning group activities allow children to practice skills such as using scissors, holding a pencil and recognising numbers and letters. Even more important, they learn to speak to a group, take turns and follow instructions. Best of all, they don’t even realise they’re learning these things because they do so in a play-based setting, doing science experiments, playing games and listening to stories.

Later in the day as children begin to go home, we will often sit together and read books and sing songs as we wind down from the day.

A typical Red Kite day



Centre opens.  Some children have breakfast, then it's free play


Morning tea


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Park Walks depart


Tidy Up Time followed by Mat Time


Lunchtime. We sing our Karakia and then eat together


Naps begin for younger children; older children have quiet play


Learning groups happen while the younger children take their nap


Free play


Tidy Up Time followed by Mat Time


Afternoon tea

3.00pm - 6.00pm

Free play.  A late snack is served around 5pm if children are hungry

Nutrition & meals

Morning and afternoon tea are offered every day.  Seasonal fruit is an important component of our snacks, but they also include cheese, corn thins, yoghurt, sandwiches and raw vegetables and dips such as hummous.  We offer generous portions so children can eat as much as they need, with milk in the afternoon too.  Children always have access to their own drink bottles and bring them to the table when they eat.  Our cook provides lunch. 

As children sit and eat in a group, they become familiar with different foods and with teachers' help, learn how to serve themselves.

Keeping you up to date & involved

We love to keep you up to date with what your child has been doing during the day, and share pictures and learning examples so you can see your child exploring their world and having fun.  Apart from seeing you at drop off and pick up time,  we use an app called Educa, where we post about your child's activities and learning.  Your child's feed is private and available only to teachers and to you, but we also share centre activities, which all parents can access.  You can post about things your child has been doing at home, too, so that we can keep exploring your child's interests at preschool.  

You can choose to add extended members of your family to your child's feed if you'd like to - it's a fantastic way of keeping family in other places up to date with what your child has been up to.  This service is included as part of your child's enrolment with us. 

We welcome the contributions of parents and families! If you have information or a great idea to share, please email us at

We are also often on the lookout for materials we can use in craft activities such as:

  • Old knitting yarn

  • Fabric scraps

  • Small cardboard boxes, eg from breakfast cereal

  • Plastic bottle caps

  • Cardboard tubes (but not toilet roll inners)

However, please don’t give us large cardboard boxes or anything made from polystyrene.  Thanks!

20 hours free

Red Kite Preschool offers 20 hours of early childhood education at reduced rates for parents and caregivers. In fact, your child's time with us might even be free.

The New Zealand Government funds all children in New Zealand for 30 hours of early childhood education per week (a maximum of six hours per day.) For three and four year olds, up to twenty of these hours can be funded at a higher rate, to allow early childhood centres to offer those twenty hours free of charge.

We follow the precepts of the NZ Early Childhood curriculum, Te Whariki.  You can find out more about Te Whariki here.

If you require more than twenty hours or six hours per day of care per week, you will be asked to pay a parent fee, but it will be at a lower rate than we would otherwise charge. See our fees schedule (available from the Centre) for more detail.

Parent reviews & ERO Reports

The Education Review Office (ERO) evaluates Early Childhood Education Centres periodically and publishes the results of its findings.  ERO reports are based upon how well placed the preschool in question is to promote positive learning outcomes for children.  Red Kite Epsom had its first review with ERO on 23 July 2019 and we were disappointed to find that this was merely a "compliance review", a procedure for new centres to confirm that we meet regulatory requirements.   Hence the report says little about our teaching standards.  However, we remain in the normal three-yearly review cycle alongside other centres with a "well placed" rating.   

You can read parent reviews on Google, here.  The ERO compliance report can be found here.

Centre policy documents

Some of the key Red Kite policy documents have been placed here for your information.  Further policies are available upon request: please email us at