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Our friendly and highly qualified teaching team is passionate about providing quality care for your child, with high teaching standards and excellent teacher to child ratios. 

You can read what some of our parents have to say about Red Kite here.  See below for our key teaching precepts and take a look at the Information For Parents section to find out more about a day at Red Kite.

We focus on five key areas:

Books and reading

Literacy is a skill which unlocks all the other subjects in your child’s future learning. We nurture a love of books and reading by telling stories, singing songs, reading aloud and a whole range of other play-based strategies.  We have a dedicated reading corner where children and teachers congregate to enjoy reading together.


So many children are growing up without the chance to experience the outdoors. We use the Forest Kindergarten philosophy to make excursions outside the centre to parks and the local community, bringing back all sorts of treasures to "home base".

Life Skills

You can teach someone to read at eighty, but if they haven’t discovered how to make (and keep) a friend by the age of eight, they likely never will. At Red Kite Preschool we use the Virtues Project https://virtuesproject.com/homepage.html to help children acquire qualities such as honesty, courtesy, kindness and courage which will help them all their lives, in their relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and as they learn to aim for and achieve their goals.

Language skills

Most of our teaching staff are bilingual or multilingual.  Our teaching emphasises English and Maori but we aim to incorporate words and phrases from all of our tamariki's backgrounds into our daily routine.

Science & Maths

We make deliberate use of maths and science language in our everyday activities. We encourage our children to count, sort, measure and observe. We foster curiosity and a sense of adventure as our children explore.  To facilitate this, we provide plenty of resources for them to access at will.