I was born and grew up in Beijing and came to New Zealand on my own when I was 16.  I went to Avondale College and obtained my Bachelor of ECE in 2012.

I am married to an Australian and now I am a busy mum of two energetic boys.

I love being with children and I always wanted to become a teacher.  As a child, whenever I did role plays with my peers I always played the teacher.  My first job in my life was as a daycare reliever in New Zealand.

I believe that every child is unique and should be treated with respect and dignity. Adults should never under estimate their little ones, as children have great potential - they always surprise you in their way!

I am passionate about doing arts and crafts with children.  I also enjoy cooking gourmet food at home (and of course eating out), gardening (I grow veges and fruit in my own garden), travelling (with my children, seeing the world through their eyes), and exploring different cultures’ languages, customs and food.