My name is Li Ling and I come from China’s DzCity of Sailsdz–Qingdao. I was born in a Chinese-Korean family and raised in a multi-language and multi-cultural environment. After graduating from university in England with a Master’s degree, I became a "Beijing vagabond", working in an international organisation and the education industry for 3 years. I am outgoing, patient and careful, and love to mingle with children. 

To be an early childhood teacher is my dream, since it is the most rewarding job I could think of. It is amazing to be able to see my impact on children’s learning and development and of course, their beautiful smiles. The most enjoyable moments for me are without doubt to teach children and to play with them. I find their unexpected and lovely words and behaviour very joyful. Meanwhile, they encourage me to think of new ideas to create a livelier environment for them, which also promotes my personal studies and development.